Non-Profit, Small Business & Local Community Consultancy
Christchurch, New Zealand

IT Advice / Development

Email, mailing lists, backups, WordPress website design, simple online cart/product delivery, SEO, Google services (GSuiteMapsAnalytics, etc.), Android development, Facebook, etc.

Domain Registration

We can register new domains at minimal yearly costs, or transfer/renew your existing domain/website.

Web Hosting

We can host your WordPress website at reasonable annual costs that recognise the budgetary restrictions under which many individuals, non-profit, voluntary and local community organisations operate.

Website Design

We can put together bright, responsive, modern websites along with custom WordPress development that showcase your organisation to its full potential leaving you with great control over your own content.


With over 20 years experience in the IT industry in New Zealand and overseas, we are able to provide professional website & IT consultancy for individuals and small organisations (community & charitable organisations, small businesses, etc) who want reliable professional online presences (both website & mail) at reasonable cost.

We can develop and/or host your website, help you manage your content, set-up and configure your email to maintain a consistent brand, etc.